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Our Services

Integrated marketing plan:  To be successful you need a marketing plan that is specific to your organization's goals, works within your budget, and can be put in place quickly and practically. Our marketing plans include effective messaging to each market, cost-effective channels of communication, and simple methods for measuring return on marketing investment.

Brand identity development:  Proper branding can get your organization noticed above the roar of the competition.  To be successful you must offer your constituents a clear AND REALITY BASED brand promise. What are YOUR competitive strengths and weaknesses? How does YOUR target market perceive your value? Marketing Kinetics can work with you and your team to clarify your brand and to show you how to project it visually, in winning ways.

New market exploration/business expansion:  Changes in technology are driving nearly every industry; coupled with the shifting economy it can be difficult to see your best chances for successful growth and increased revenue.  Marketing Kinetics uses the latest economic and industry indicators to help you keep your growth ahead of the target. Whether you are looking at geographic or program expansion, let us be your secret weapon.

Team Facilitation/Strategic Visioning/ Board and Leadership Training:  In order to achieve great things your team must share a vision, so that everyone is pulling toward the same goals.  Marketing Kinetics can bring your leadership team or board together for shared visioning or training that will lead to a unified energy and greater success.  You'll find our training effective and our retreats energizing.

Fundraising/capital campaign management: Marketing Kinetics has a very successful fundraising record. The fact that we are a small consulting firm means we can be innovative and intuitive. We can help you see other sources for generating capital: new corporations, new foundations, new populations of donors.

Marketing on retainer:  It's like having a strategic marketing specialist, a PR wizard, a great writer, a market research guru, an art director, and a graphic designer on staff, but for much less.